This from the Friends of Swan Lake Newsletter;

On Saturday February 19 portions of the interior refuge will be opened from 11AM 
- 5 PM for the annual Sneak - A Peak day. This provides visitors a wonderful 
opportunity to view the refuge before the gates open for the season on March 
5th. If conditions are right large concentrations of Snow Geese; upwards of a 
million or more are sometimes resting on Silver is certainly a spectacle 
to see! There are also numerous opportunities to view Bald Eagles as we can have 
upwards to 200 on the refuge during this time period. Grand River Audubon will 
have spotting scopes set up to help visitors view the birds. The Visitor Center 
will be open so stop by and get a map of what roads are open for the Sneak - A - 

I don't know what kind of numbers of birds will be there this year, but with the 
recent reports of lots of Snow Geese on the move - it should be interesting!

P.S. - There will also be other special events on the refuge on March 5th, and 
some "new things" are being planned for birders this year at the refuge.for more 
info go to .

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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