It was in the fifties here today. Now, at 10:30 p.m., it is still in the forties and predicted to get into the fifties or sixties for the remaining days this week. Spring is definitely happening! So here is a last poem to mark the transition.
Tightly-massed, they evade
some unseen predator,
now swerving, now stalling,
now resuming direction,
constantly changing shape.
Then they relax
and fly purposefully,
rising and falling in relation
to one another
like carousel horses.
They stop and land,
abundant dark fruit
on stark bare branches,
scattered black leaves
on newly harrowed earth.
Soon, all are on the ground,
clambering over clods,
looking here and there,
an undisciplined army
scavenging cigarette butts.
All the while, their palaver
of metallic squeals and whistles
proclaims the day's brightness
and throws into the biting wind
spring's arrogant challenge.
                    by Robert G. Fisher
Good birding!
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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