Interesting photos!  "Killer" and "meadowlark" aren't words I thought I'd ever use together, but then didn't expect to see photos of exactly that.  I've seen Common Grackles kill and eat other birds (always young House Sparrows) in my yard but never knew meadowlarks did the same thing.

Sherry McCowan
Saint Louis, Missouri

On Feb 10, 2011, at 11:27 AM, Amy J. Hoffman wrote:

That's an eastern meadowlark. To my knowledge, they don't usually eat other birds, but in the winter when birds need a lot of protein, it's not uncommon to see such behavior. And it certainly has been frigid lately, which increases calorie requirements.
Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City
Cole County

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Subject: Can anyone ID this omnivorous warbler? - A few photos to provide views

Hi - We've looked at nearly a hundred photos and none look like this bird quite. Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance - Nice to see the sun!

Best, Lynne

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