Chilly Greetings!
It seems that many species are beginning to gather together here in the southeast possibly staging for a push north when the weather is right, or it may just be my overactive imagination of the effects of the recent weather conditions here in the southeast as we have finally received our fair share of snow and cold.
The waterfowl numbers  are still astounding at Otter Slough CA. My wife continues to report thousands of Snow Geese in the fields between Bloomfield and Sikeston, witnessed during her daily commute to work. There are tens of thousands of Snows still around Otter Slough CA area.
The Blackbird flock (mostly Grackles) roosting on and around Holly Ridge CA is massive. Also roosting in this area are several thousand Am. Robins.
"My" over-wintering Field Sparrows that visit the feeders daily are growing in number - now well over 30 individuals visiting the feeders. I too have observed Am. Tree Sparrows in small flocks at various locations with an occasional few under my feeders.
Bird On!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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