I am late in posting a Saturday the 29th trip to Eagle Bluffs C.A. by Barb Duncan, Betty Richey, Lottie Bushmann, Laura Pintel, and myself. Highlights included 100's of geese both snow and Canada, (I'm afraid we did witness one goose falling from the sky by way of shotgun!) over 1000 mallards (mostly flying), ring necked ducks, gadwall, a commom merganser, harriers, 22 bald eagles, and a nice collection of tree sparrows posing for us on some weeds. Burr Oak Road just past Eagle Bluffs gave us some horned larks.  Rock Bridge State Park gave us a winter wren on the creek next to the Devil's Icebox parking lot.
My feeders have never been so busy as today.  I had a red-breasted nuthatch!
Jane Frazier
Jefferson City
janefraz3 at aol.com
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