Numbers of Pine Siskins at our feeders have increased
daily since the storm arrived on Tuesday.  Today there were
17 present - our high count for the winter.  Also present
today was a Brown Thrasher (first seen yesterday) and
a Red-breasted Nuthatch.  Two Am. Tree Sparrows have
been feeding under the feeders since Tuesday.  Purple
Finch numbers have remained constant at 10-12 each
day with Am. Goldfinches numbering up to 20 per day.  I could
not keep the bubbler running this week due to the frigid
temperatures, however, the fish pond pump is maintaining
a small opening in the pond and a Hermit Thrush visits
several times per day for a cool drink.  I hope to get the
bubbler flowing again next weekend when temperatures
are predicted to reach into the 40's.  Spring is right around
the corner!
Wally George
Cedar Hill, Mo.
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