Steve reports both the GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW and the SPOTTED TOWHEE are still 
preset as of today (Friday, Feb. 4) in his Linn, MO (Osage Co.) yard.  In 
addition, Steve sent me pictures of a few of the other birds in his yard today, 
including a Piebald NORTHERN CARDINAL.

Steve writes:  I went outside this morning to feed the birds and to clear off 
the deck. While shoveling, the towhee showed up to eat in its regular place.  
After I finished, I took an empty bucket and put it upside down in the yard and 
sat on it.  With camera in hand, I waited.  It didn't take much time before the 
golden-crowned showed up under the tube feeder that hangs from the tree.  By me 
being out there, it helped to keep the grackles away and for the other birds a 
chance to eat.  I did not put up a scarecrow.

I just looked out the window and this strange looking cardinal showed up!  I 
thought at first it was some sort of exotic, but it is (I think) your not 
everyday northern cardinal.

Directions to the sparrow and some pictures of today's yard birds, including the 
N. Cardinal can be seen here:
Josh, for Steve Dilks
Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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