I  admit this post has nothing to do with birds in Missouri and is a blatent plug for birding in the great country of Colombia.(The country with the highest number of bird species in the world)
   Unfortunately there is still the wide spread belief out there among birders that Colombia isnt safe.Yeah,there are some spots that one should avoid or travel with a heightened awareness in but the overwhelming vast majority of the country is fine for travel and birding
  The number of endemic species is pretty mind blowing   
   Its a place a visiting birder can come to and actually add to the ornithological knowledge and data base of the country! 
  Several birding related travel companies  have been offering tours for a while  now or,with a little advanced planning.Some phone calls.... one can go the "solo" route easy enough like I did.
 Myself and some friends most recent trip was up along the north coast starting in Barranquilla and included the Santa Marta mts and areas in the Guajira pennisula along the Venezuelan border(recorded 350 species in 6 days)
   Anyway, anyone interested in  a recent trip report or contacts in Colombia for birding feel free to send me an e- mail

 Mike Brady
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