For those still interested:  The GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW and SPOTTED TOWHEE are both still present at Steve Dilks’ house in Linn, MO.


From Steve: 


The sparrow and the towhee are still here, plus many other birds.  I have been here Tuesday through Friday (snow days).  On Tuesday I kept going out to shovel snow away and to put more food out.  I have not been out on the highways to know how they are, but the official amount of snow here at Linn was 18 inches.  The street that I am on has only one lane open, therefore no parking can be done on it, and I have only half my driveway shoveled out.  There is probably parking at the top of the hill across from the courthouse which would be about a three block walk.  I have not even begun to shovel off the deck. 


The birds are in Linn, Missouri - Here are the detailed directions:



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Joshua Uffman

St. Louis County, MO

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Bird Photos:


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