At 4:00pm today a Short-eared Owl was sitting on a post. The location is where the road from the entrance to Columbia Bottom CA in St. Louis County veers left from the gravel road to the machine shed. Not far from the fork on the right (east) side of the road is a thin steel post. When I left CBCA at 5:30 the owl was still sitting there. When I first saw it, the owl flew off as cars came by, but it would return to the post after several minutes. Sometimes it flew completely out of sight. On another occasion it flew into the corn stubble, sitting there for a few minutes. Two male Northern Harriers were cruising around the fields on both sides of the road, but there was no confrantion with the owl, while I was observing them.
By the way, five weeks ago Lorrie Vit photographed a SEOW in the same area, but on the other side of the road. The owl she and Anne Kirkpatrick saw was quite tame. This one was a bit skittish.
Connie Alwood
St. Louis County
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