Kathleen and others who have cabin fever.
For those of you who want to visit conservation areas around the state, most areas try to keep the roads open but might not have cleared parking lots yet. Remember though getting to the actual conservation area depends on local and state roads also being cleared. The managers might know about local roads also.

Call the area manager to find out about the roads in the  areas you want to visit. 
	Go to and click on the CACHE button, then go to Maps, then MDC Maps and Brochures. Once you are at the Maps and Brochure page use the drop down menu to find the MDC area. From there go to the Brochure and find the number to call. 

	Click on Conservation Areas under the box for "Regs and Areas."  In the quick search type in the area you want to go to, or the county or MDC region if you know them. You will know that you have successfully found the area when the full name appears in the Area Name box under "List of Areas."  Click on the area name and you will usually find contact information for the manager. 

Feeders have been great for bird watching with the big snows. About 7 miles east of Columbia, Boone Cty at my feeders there continue to be regular daily visits from about 26 species of birds including:  

2 Brown Thrashers, 19 Northern Bobwhite, 2 Eastern Towhees for the good-birds lists. 

Also present as regulars:
60 Northern Cardinals           75 Dark-eyed Juncos        30 Blue Jays
20 Fox Sparrows                 20 Purple Finches           4 American Goldfinches
50 White-throated Sparrows       4 Red-winged Blackbirds (only during snow ODS)
 2 Common Grackles (ODS)         1 European Starling (first all winter!)
 2 American Tree Sparrows        1 Song Sparrow             2 House Finches
20+Black-capped Chickadees      15+Tufted Titmice           4 White-breasted Nuthatches
 2 Harry Woodpeckers             4 Downy Woodpeckers        4 Mourning Doves 
 2 Carolina Wrens                  Cooper's Hawks		     Sharp-shinned Hawks   
 2 White-crowned Sparrows

Lots of Savannah sparrows along the roads gathering grit on the roads east of Columbia, Boone Cty.


Brad Jacobs
Missouri Department of Conservation
P.O.Box 180
Jefferson City , MO 65102
573-751-4115 ext 3648


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Has anybody in Central Missouri been out to any of the Conservation Areas?  I have a bad case of Cabin Fever, but I'm afraid of the condition of the roads and parking lots.  Any advice for me? 

Kathleen Anderson, Columbia

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