A good friend of mine called this evening quite upset by something he 
witnessed at Columbia Bottoms CA this evening.  He was there, hoping to 
catch a glimpse of the SEOW that has been seen off and on there.  From his 
description, sounds like several others had the same idea, all hoping to see 
this wonderful owl.

He witnessed someone walk out into the field where the Owl was sitting, and 
it flushed up, and flew further away back into the field.  My friend had been 
observing this area since 1:00 p.m. today, and was enjoying the time 
watching the Harriers, etc...and all the nice folks hoping to see the Owl.

He was quite surprised to see someone walk out into the field and disrupt the 
Owl.  Whether the flushing was intentional or not, I thought it should be 
brought up.  IF the Owl is flushed, or feels pressured, it will not likely stick 
around.  I sure hope this was incidental, but even that, can disrupt the Owl, 
which is obviously hunting hard with the winter we are having.  Just wanted 
to remind folks to give the owls some room to hunt and do what they need to 

Situations like this, and worse, are why many List Serves no longer post 
locations of such Owls publically.

Jason G. Harrison
Troy, Mo

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