My observations from my backyard feeding area:

Two Flickers are digging holes through the snow down to the ground under the Pin Oak Tree to get acorns. 

American Goldfinches are getting gold patches. Also didn't realize that AMGO are smaller than sparrows and Carolina Wren and every other feeder bird other than chickadee. 

We bought a cage for our peanut feeder, now the starlings can't get the peanuts, but only Chickadees, Downies, Carolina Wren and Titmice are small enough to use it.  

I have lots of WT Sparrows under the feeder, at least 40 or 50, but no other sparrows other than House Sparrows.  

The weather man predicts 50 degrees for next week, so I should wait until then to venture out to Conservation Areas.  But then probably have to watch out for soft road conditions. 

Kathleen Anderson, Columbia

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