2 adult TUNDRA SWANs were nice comparisons with the trumpeters.

2 AMERICAN BLACK DUCKs in the Illinois Hwy 143 slough.

Interesting gull near the dam visitor center: about size of small herring
with herring-gray back, yellow iris, pale, washed-out fleshy pink legs,
black tips on folded wings having "standard-sized" mirrors, but smallish
rounded head, greenish-yellow bill with small red spot, and a snow white,
streakless head and neck.  Bird sat down on the ice and did not flap.

Only 2 hawks:  exactly 2 AMERICAN KESTRELs.  No eagles, not even a
red-tailed.  And I could count the sparrows on one hand.  I was the only
visitor for most of my time there.

Mike Thelen
University City (St. Louis County), Missouri
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