Wow, a three raptor morning!!  I was out feeding the birds when a bird swooped over my head into a bush. I watched in a somewhat poor view until it flew into a larger tree and was more visible. I turned to go inside and get my camera and saw two red-tailed hawks sitting together on an electrical box across the way.
I couldn't believe it all.  I shot the first shots with the hand-held camera with  500mm lens in low light conditions and was thankful they hung around for it. 
    The sharp-shinned hawk flew away and I could clearly see it's squared off tail.  I then went inside to warm up and then returned back with my tripod and shot the finals pics (labeled "second try") of the red-tailed hawks which were still on the box. 
    I was glad to see the pair of red-tailed hawks. For several years I have observed a pair flying,soaring together  behind my house . 
   And no birds were taken, although I did hear what sounded like a bird in distress.
  Here is link to the pics..

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Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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