It might be helpful to know that when Susan, Anne and I saw the Golden-crowned,  we actually watched both the towhee and the sparrow (and a gazillion other birds) from the road BEHIND Steve’s house.   They were coming to the sides of Highway U,  where the snow plows had apparently stirred up the gravel/salt  --- and the birds where pecking on those edges, and in the scrub on either side of the Highway U.   You can’t park on U (and rather dangerous to even stand there), but there is a side road that borders Steve’s house that allows good access.    If the grackles have invaded the yard,  this might be where the smaller birds are hanging out – and provides another option for viewing.


Jean Leonatti
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From Stephen Dilks for Sunday, Jan. 23:


I saw the golden-crowned sparrow and the spotted towhee three times yesterday (Sunday, Jan. 23).  At about 8 am, close to noon, and after 4 pm.  The rest of the time it was about 150 grackles.  They feed all day and other birds hang on the branches waiting for the chance.  It has been suggested that I put up a scarecrow.  I might try it this weekend, but I wouldn't want it to scare the other birds.  In the meantime, I will have no idea if the sparrow shows up during the week.  I am certain that if someone is here on the deck, that it will keep the grackles away and the other birds will begin coming in.  Just have patience and the sparrow and towhee will both show up.  


Note:  No update for today, Jan. 24, but I bet that is because Steve had to work and was not able to watch the feeders. 



The bird is in Linn, MO (Osage County).  You can see a map here that Steve prepared for all those interested:


Josh, for Steve Dilks



Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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