I was surprised when I stopped and got out to pish up some Sparrows and a SEOW flew out of a small group of Cedar Trees. This was along a gravel road across from Fountain Grove CA. It flew a short way down and landed on top of a wooden fence post. We have found when there is a heavy covering of Snow or Ice that they will roost in Evergreens. Maybe some of our North Mo SEOW have just moved to other locations for awhile?

The last two mornings have been GREAT with the heavy frost creating a Winter Wonderland!  I can't understand why people get so excited about a BRIEF warm up that will turn things into a slushy, ugly, muddy mess??

Dianne and I saw a bunch of AM Robins this eve west of town including a very interesting partial albino "white backed" one!

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe,Livingston Co.
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