This morning, "early" and before his Audubon walk, Dave Rogles called me from Columbia Bottom to tell he had found a light-phase Rough-legged Hawk.  It was along the gravel road, that has just been reopened, where there is a gated road across from a small parking lot.  It was no longer there by the time I got there, of course.
I then went up Hwy 79.  From the road to Winfield Dam off Hwy 70, I turned off on Big Box Road.  Almost immediately, I found a  second light-phase Rough-leg.  I had a scope view of it perched and in flight.  I suspect it is the same one we saw close by before Christmas.
At Clarence Cannon, a third Rough-leg was perched in a tree down the first dirt road just past the HQ building.  This one was a dark-phase bird.  I also had it in the scope, both perched and in flight.  That was neat!
I also had five Great-tailed Grackles at the Bryan Island horse farm in with the horsed in the lot to the left of the barns.  Common Grackles were in a sizeable mixed flock at BK Leach.  On the way home back down Hwy 79, I saw another blackbird flock of maybe 10,000.  With that many, surely there were both Brewer's and Rusty mixed in.  So I'm safe counting both, right?
Tom Bormann
St. Louis County
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