The birder in me is really enjoying all the memories about the Smew and
Barrow's Goldeneye. Ten years ago I was just waking up to this
obsession, and I hadn't yet discovered Riverlands, or MOBirds-L for that
matter, so I greatly appreciate hearing about this chapter in birding
history. Thank you all for sharing!


The list-owner in me feels compelled to remind you all to please give
your posts clear subject lines. . I realize that the Smew's appearance
at Riverlands transcended a mere sighting and became an event unto
itself, but nevertheless, posts with titles like "Smew" or "Smew
Sighting" might very well get folks really excited under somewhat false
pretenses. Please remember to include in your subject line "NO
SIGHTING," or whatever explanatory words you feel will communicate your
topic to a reader who might have just joined us.


Thanks again for all the great posts!


Dave Scheu

MOBirds-L list co-owner

St. Louis, MO

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