The Owls of Forest Park

Tuesday, January 18th at 7 pm

Mark Glenshaw, an amateur naturalist and enthusiast, will share inside stories about his observations of a Great Horned Owl pair in Forest Park.

Mark has been watching the pair for over four years and leading many owl prowls in the park. His pictures and interesting tales reveal the pair’s habits and behaviors while raising yearly broods. His passion has led to much research on the species in general, and by the end of the evening you will understand his fascination with this amazing predator.

The Dennis & Judith Jones Visitor Center, at 5595 Grand Drive, is just east of the Missouri History Museum at Lindell and DeBaliviere. The program will be held in the Trolley Room. Questions, call Mitch Leachman at (314) 599-7390.

Mitch Leachman

Executive Director

St. Louis Audubon Society

P.O. Box 220227

St. Louis, MO 63122-0227


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