From Stephen Dilks:

The GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW and the SPOTTED TOWHEE were both seen today.  The 
best times seem to be from 9:30 - 1:00.  For some reason, it comes to feeders 
less often in the afternoon.  The GCSP was not seen as often today, which might 
be due to the snow is melting exposing more ground for it to do its own 
foraging.  Both are still irregular in coming to the feed, but both are 
apparently nearby feeding.
I will not be here the rest of the week (not unless a snow day), therefore I 
will not know if the birds have been here or not. 


I have received a few requests regarding 'where is this bird'?  The bird is in 
Linn, MO (Osage County).  You can see a map here that Steve prepared for all 

Josh for Steve Dilks

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