We are saddened  to learn of George's passing.  Both Terry and George
were an important part of the St. Louis Birding Community for at least 35
years.  As I recall, We first met George and Terry while birding in the field
at Busch C.A. in 1964.
During much of that period, they both served as one of the anchor points
for the area telephone "Hot Line" that locally contacted over forty birders
when a worthy bird was found.  That Hot Line was our only method to rapidly
spread the birding news in that "era" before cell phones, and MOBIRDS on
the Internet.
The best birding story that I recall about Terry and George relates to some
15 to 20 birders crammed into their kitchen looking out at their several bird
feeders, and trying to get better better looks of a visiting Redpoll.  Sadly
this bird has some streaks on the sides and in the rump, so it was relegated
to be the rare and erratic "Common" Redpoll, and NOT a new species for the
St. Louis area, Hoary Redpoll.  Great adventure mixed with disappointment.
On this occasion, we thank both Terry and George Barker for what they have
done over the many years to support the St. Louis Birders.
Sincerely,     Paul and Fran Bauer
                      St. Louis County, MO         [log in to unmask]
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