Guess I'll have to chime in on the Smew sightings.   I stood (in the cold wind) and watched the Smew though my cheap binos and thought to myself, I'd like an expensive scope like the fellow next to me --- he looked like a homeless person, so disheveled and unshaven.  He spoke up "I just flew in from N.J. & I want to go get my  thermos of hot coffee from my rental car -- want to look though my scope while I get my coffee??"   WOW!  Did I !!   Looking around afterward, I thought to myself "he wasn't the only person looking like a bum, never had I seen such expensive equipment being owned by such down-and-out looking people"!!   Sure can't judge birders by the coat and cap they wear!!
A. Wethington
Mt Vernon, MO
Lawrence Co
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