From Stephen Dilks:

I saw the spotted towhee at the feeders at 8:00, 8:30, and then at irregular 
times all day.  Saw it last at 4:50 getting a last bite to eat.
Did not see the golden-crowned sparrow until 9:00 am at the feeders, then 
irregular all day, with the last sighting at 4:40.  I saw it at one time feeding 
along the highway with white-crowns, and did not fly when a car came by.  It was 
also feeding on the ground in the thicket of bush honeysuckles and vines.  This 
is the same thicket that the towhee frequents.

In my observations, I think that with people standing on the deck, it would keep 
most of the blue jays from coming in to the feeders.  They are a major cause of 
all the birds flying up and back very frequently.  Therefore I believe that if 
someone wanted to come before 10:00 am that it would be fine.  The birds will 
have more time to settle in and eat that way.

I want to also give special thanks to all those people who have left bird seed.  
There is a great variety!  Sometimes bags have showed up and I didn't even know 
anyone was here.

Stephen Dilks

I have received a few requests regarding 'where is this bird'?  The bird is in 
Linn, MO (Osage County).  You can see a map here that Steve prepared for all 

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