Yesterday, January 14, 2011 my father and I ventured out to see if we could find any birds out on a nice winter day.  We traveled to southern Harrison County just north of Gilman City and were able to locate approximately 350-400 Lapland Longspurs.  In the group of Longspurs we spotted 3 Snow Buntings, many Horned Larks and Meadowlarks.

Near the same area, in northern Daviess County, we were able to find three Lincoln's Sparrow, 12 Ring-necked Pheasants (all hens at the same location), a couple of Harris' Sparrows and of course many large flocks of Dark-eyed Junco's and American Tree Sparrows.  It was a nice day and a nice addition to the year list.

Mark McNeely
403 South Market
Maryville MO 64468

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