Just returned from a 2 1/2 hour walk along the MKT trail starting at  
the Forum entrance.  Parks and Rec (or ?) drove an enormous truck down  
the trail and it made for 2 perfect pathways for walking.  I hesitated  
going out knowing it would be hard going.  Turns out it wasn't and the  
birds were wonderful.  If you're feeling cabin fever, it's a great  
place for an outdoor walk.

Along the trail I saw a Kestrel (in the Forum Nature area) and a Red- 
Shouldered Hawk.  Didn't stay there long because there was no path and  
this snow is DEEP!  Going down the trail I saw lots of sparrows (white- 
throated, swamp, and song) as well as Juncos and Goldfinches.  Also  
Hermit Thrushes (3) and Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers (2), Golden-Crowned  
Kinglets (6) and a Brown Creeper (new for me!!).  I also saw lots of  
Downy Woodpeckers, Red-Bellied and Flickers.    Twin Lakes had Canada  
Geese and Mallards.  Scanned them but didn't notice anyone else mixed  
in.  It has a nice open area of water near the trail.

Last night (in the light snow) I made the drive to Logan Road and got  
to watch 5 or 6 Northern Harriers do their thing.  That was around 5.   
Then a few minutes after that 2 short eared owls made an appearance.   
I watched them work the field for a good 20 min. before I felt I had  
to head back.  It was well worth the horrible traffic once I hit  
Columbia.  What a sight!!

Good birding,
Lottie Bushmann
Columbia, MO
Boone Co.

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