I know that the updates on the Golden-crowned Sparrow were posted yesterday.
Sharon Hatten and I (along with several others) saw it perched atop a pile
of brush where Steve's Carolina Wren was hanging out.  So, if you're willing
to scan for it, I don't think you'll have to wait for it to come to the
feeders.  There's nothing like a good "scan" with the binoculars to make a
bird more rewarding when you find it!

Afterwards though, Sharon and I took some back roads just north of Jefferson
City to see what we could find.  We took 63 North to Route Y.  Where Route Y
intersects at Rangeline Road, we found a two absolutely beautiful
Red-shouldered Hawks perched right alongside the road.  After about 20
minutes, we had located five of them soaring, perching, and hunting over the
fields.  This was quite exciting for us because while it wasn't a lifer, it
was the best up close and personal looks we had ever seen!  If you're out
and about, I highly recommend this stretch of road.

If it had been later in the day, we would have taken Rangeline Road further
north to seek out the Short-eared Owls.  But instead, we headed south again
to Binder Lake.  We were unsuccessful in finding the Long-tailed Duck but in
the small patch of water, the flock of Canvasbacks was also a treat on a
sunny and clear day along with one Ruddy Duck and the usual suspects.  (P.S.
The gates to Binder Lake were all closed so we had to seek out the ducks
from the south end and north ends only.)

Christine Kline
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Pleasant Hill, MO ~ Cass County

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