The only drawback that I have about the CACHE and SPARKS programs
is it keeps me from birding some of my other favorite places!
Here's one:

MSSU wetland, Joplin, Jasper County.  1-10-11.  Cloudy, light snow, 25 F.

Canada Goose  25;  Killdeer  1;  Wilson's Snipe 1;  Mourning Dove  3;
Red-bellied W.  2;  Yellow-bellied Sap.  1;  Downy W.  1;  N. Flicker  1;
Blue Jay  2;  Am. Crow  3;  Tufted Titmouse  1;  White-br. Nuthatch  1;
Eastern Bluebird  2;  Hermit Thrush  2;  Am. Robin  1;  Yellow-rumped
Warbler  4;  Song Sparrow  3;  Swamp Sparrow  2;  Dark-eyed Junco  5;
N. Cardinal  3;  Am. Goldfinch  6.                                     21 species.

Good birding,  Larry Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper Co., MO.  [log in to unmask]

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