I vote "KEEP THEM COMING!" for the Texas reports. We are a community, not just a Missouri Rare Bird Alert. I'm interested in birds, but I am also interested in people. It is good to know what each other is doing as well as to enjoy one another's experiences vicariously.
From my perspective, having birded "The Valley" a half dozen times, Edge's reports also stimulate reminiscences and provide information of interest not on www.birdingonthe.net. I was glad to hear that Sabal Palm is open again and to remember Tommie Rogers, whose departure from Missouri was a great loss to Northwestern Missouri birding. I tried to imagine the flood damage and regret its devastation.
BTW, Edge, if you see this, I got Black-throated Gray Warbler twice in the Valley, once walking the river south from Salineno when the Brown Jays were there and once south of Falcon Dam. Keep at it. It will happen.
As for the Gray-crowned Yellowthroat, Mel Cooksie showed me where he found one just outside the Sabal Palm refuge. I missed that, and I never got Yellow-green Vireo, but we did find both Golden-crowned Warbler and Tropical Parula inside Sabal Palm, and I got my life Buff-bellied Hummingbird in a feeder that used to be just outside the entrance.
Good birding!
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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