June has correctly cited, and interpreted, the basic topical guidelines for MOBirds-L. And I'd like to reiterate that the posts from Texas are about wild birds, are by a Missouri birder, and do seem to be of interest to many other Missouri birders. Clearly they're not of interest to ALL Missouri birders, but few posts are.


I appreciate the discussion that has resulted from Edge's post, and I thank everyone for their thoughtful comments, but I would like to point out that one well-meaning "that's not appropriate" post inevitably generates a few equally well-intentioned "yes it is" posts, and once we all start talking about what should or shouldn't be on the list, we're no longer talking about wild birds or birding, and what do you know, we're not really meeting the topical guidelines for the list ourselves. And sooner or later, a list owner has to write a post (like this one) that has nothing to do with wild birds or birding, and surely is of little or no interest to Missouri birders.


With that in mind, please consider that the list will stay much more relevant and on-topic if we address our complaints off-list to the list owners and send our praise off-list to those parties deserving of it.


Thank you all. Keep warm and keep birding!


Dave Scheu

MOBirds-L list co-owner

St. Louis, MO



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The administrators regularly post list guidelines, most recently on Jan 2.  Those include this:


1. Remember that MOBirds-L is used to discuss wild bird related activities and sightings, and things of interest to those who enjoy wild birds. We do tend to focus on Missouri's wild birds but that is not mandatory. Advertising of commercial ventures is not allowed. Political discussions are not allowed.


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