I can see the positives of the Facebook page in attracting new and younger birders. But I can also see the concerns that people will post on Facebook and not on Mobirds. It is too easy to intend to post on both, but not get around to it. I sure would hate to have some of the members who are not on Facebook to miss out on some of the wonderful posts. I know that everyone says they will still post on Mobirds but I see a similar problem with the CACHE and SPARKS list, too many people post their lists on E-birds and never get around to supporting ASM and MDC by posting on CACHE and SPARKS.  Just as Facebook and MObirds should be complimentary, so should E-birds and CACHE/SPARKS.
 I too am enjoying the Texas reports, kind of like getting the seed catalogs in January, gives one hope of warmer birding, and hope to make a trip to Texas one of these years!
Good birding!
Laurie Shawver
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