I joined Facebook a while back with some trepidation. I wondered what Zuckerberg & Co. would do with the information I supplied. Soon after joining, I decided not to participate. Recently, touched by how many people apparently consider me a friend, I began to establish Facebook communication with some people. I'm still feeling my way, not providing my phone number and/or email address to the world, etc..
Early in my life, I'm sure  I was the last boy whose parents sent him to school wearing knickers, a source of great social discomfort for me then. At the other end, however confusing it may be, I'm not going to be the last person on earth to participate in Facebook.
I don't see Facebook diminishing my participation on the list at all. I do not yet see that many advantages to Facebook that the list cannot match, but I can think of a few:
1. We can post pictiures of ourselves so that those list subscribers whom we have not already met can have an idea what we look like.
2. We can post text that would be too long for the list.
3. I believe we can post photos.
4. We can limit who sees our message so that only some subscribers (e.g. thouse who belong to a partcular club, like Burroughs Audubon) will see them.
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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