All:  Stephen Dilks called to report he has an imm. GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW visiting his backyard feeders in Linn (Osage County) as of 4:30 this afternoon (Jan. 9).  Birders are welcome to come and search for the bird and do not need to call first.  His address is 108 West Merle, he is the last house on the right (it is a dead end street).  Stephen will not be able to report if the bird is present during the day since he will be at work - So please, keep the list up to date.  In addition, photos taken by Steve as well as a map he made of his house location are at the following link:
For those who might be wondering if this is significant or not, the answer is YES.  This looks to be the 'pending' 4th state record and the first reported since 1993 - Here are the other Missouri Records for Golden-crowned Sparrow:
Steve also has a male SPOTTED TOWHEE visiting his backyard.  Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow - Hopefully it sticks around.
Josh, reporting for Steve.
Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, Missouri
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