Hey all,

Finally went on my first real birding outing of 2011.  A slow, but steady
day at Bradford Farms this morning from 11am-12:30pm.  Not prime viewing
time, I know, but it was so cold I figured we'd catch things at their
highest activity.  If I was wrong, I would love to have been out there this

The day started at the eastern entrance, where we had 2 AMERICAN KESTRELS
perusing the fields from the power lines by the road.  On making it back
into the first lake behind the warehouses, we got 76 CANADA GEESE (including
at least 2 stub-necks) hugging the shoreline in the open water as well as a
roving NORTHERN HARRIER scouring the fields.

The mid-sized pond was about 1/3 open and had 1 COMMON GOLDENEYE and a
half-dozen GADWALL.  No Grebes, for those wondering if our Red-Necked friend
made it out there.

I checked the brush pile at the north end for sparrows and got
no Harris Sparrow for me.  Another odd miss was White-Crowned Sparrow, which
we found tons of during the field trip last December.  A somewhat surprising
find was a NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD in the treeline east of the pile.  On the
disconcerting side, the brush pile is littered with deer skeletons, some
with fur attached...only 1 or 2 with heads.

The south end of the park was dominated by meadowlarks, of which we saw at
least 100 EASTERN and at least 1 or 2 confirmed WESTERN.  

Running short on time before we were due for lunch, I did not check the
southwest corner for Le Conte's or Longspurs.

In all, we had 25 species on this frigid, windy mid-morning trek.

Cheers and good birding,
Chase & Katie Brrrrrrr (Darr)
Columbia, Boone Co., MO
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