Hey all,

I stayed at home this morning to work on a paper and also to watch the snow
birds roll in.  I've had 15 species in my yard this morning.  Highlights
were my winter dependable Red-Breasted Nuthatch, a Northern Flicker on the
fenceline, Purple Finch, 8 American Goldfinches (at one time), and a pair of
White-Throated Sparrows.

Of the Dark-Eyed Juncos (13+), a pair had rusty sides and dark hoods with
rusty-gray backs, indicating possible Cassiar or Oregon-type races.  No
pictures this time, but I've posted pictures of nearly identical (possibly
the same) birds earlier this winter on my Picasa gallery.

Notable miss is Pine Siskin, of which I've only ever had 1 at the feeder.

The snow is really picking up here in Columbia and has buried my latest toss
of seeds in about 1/2 inch of snow.  The illustrious White-Throats have been
digging, while others have been looking confused at the apparent
disappearance of their lunch.

Hope all are staying warm!
Columbia, Boone Co., MO
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