Anne Downing and spent the morning at Whetstone CA in hopes of finding the
Northern Shrike that has spent the last two winters there.  No such luck.
But we did see a boatload of White-crowned sparrows; they far outnumbered
the  White-throated, Song and American Tree sparrows combined.   We were
also fortunate to find about 4-5 Rusty Blackbirds in a mixed blackbird
flock, feeding in a corn stubble field.


We returned by way of Little Dixie Lake.  It only has a small patch of open
water completely dominated by about 150 Canada Geese.  As we were leaving,
there was a beautiful Red-shouldered Hawk sunning itself right near the
little church west of the Conoco station.  We watched him for about 5
minutes, and then as if to prove who he was, he flew directly at the car
with his "red" shoulders flashing.


This evening I returned to Bradford Farm in hopes of seeing Short-eared
owls.  Instead I found a Great Horned Owl sitting on the edge of the gravel
road near the brush pile.   I suppose he had dinner under foot.   I stayed
until it was too dark to see, and did not find any Short-eared owls.


Jean Leonatti
Boone County, Columbia, MO
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