Women in German Annual Conference – Augusta, MI Oct. 20-23, 2011


Pre-Twentieth-Century Panel


German Women as Agents of Cultural Transfer


Theories of cultural transfer examine the processes through which foreign cultural products and ideas were imported into new contexts. By highlighting the social networks involved in transfer, this approach focuses attention on the interests and aims of individuals and groups. This panel will investigate German women’s mediating efforts in these processes of transfer.


What social, political, and intellectual motivations instigated their use of outside sources? What internal cultural debates did women intervene in by inserting external material, and how were their interventions received? Did they adapt and transform the foreign material to accommodate or challenge German culture? Is there evidence of feminist social networks or transfer of feminist thought from other cultures? Do women exhibit a particular social consciousness?


This panel welcomes papers on women’s mediating efforts in literary and extraliterary fields, including translation, theatre and performance, travel, and philosophy.


Submit 250-300 word proposals to Judith Martin [log in to unmask] and Astrid Weigert [log in to unmask] by March 1, 2011.

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