Body Parts / Koerperteile (GSA 2011, Louisville)

Paper proposals sought for a panel or small series of panels focused
on distinct components of the human body and their attendant
sensations and significance. Selected group of papers will ideally
address a range of issues, including but not limited to:

--historical contingency of sensory experience
--sensation semiosis
--corporal aspects of everyday life
--history of feelings
--relationship between the physiology of perception, new media, and
changing modes of narration and representation (in any era)
--actual body parts and virtual (including literary and filmic) corporality
--campaigns (advertising, propaganda, medical, military, activist)
targeted to specific parts of the body
--relationship between tissue, organ and text

Period and field foci open. GSA membership required for final submission.
Abstracts (250 words max., in English or German) to [log in to unmask]
by 1 Feb. 2011.

theodore f rippey
assoc prof of german
bowling green state university

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