GSA Panel “Heimat in History, Theory, Literature and Film”

This panel for the GSA seeks to explore all expressions of Heimat, rural and
urban, conservative and progressive, traditional and modern. We welcome
individual paper proposals, as well as interest from moderators and
commentators on the theme of “Heimat in History, Theory, Literature and
Film” for the GSA’s 2011 conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Cross-cultural comparisons and interdisciplinary papers are welcome. Please
send proposals (abstract for paper, 150-200 words) to Yvonne Franke
([log in to unmask]) or Gabriele Eichmanns ([log in to unmask]). Deadline for
submissions is January 28, 2011.

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

Heimat and location
Heimat in literature
Heimat in the Third Reich
Exile, banishment, expulsion, and/or population transfer
The Heimatfilm
Heimat in the 21st century
Heimat and the cinema
Heimat and globalization

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