**The dates for this conference have been updated. The new dates are 
10/28 -- 10/29**

*"Kleistian (pre-)Occupations"*

*Heinrich von Kleist 1777-1811-2011*

*A Graduate Student Conference*

*Keynote Speaker: Seán Allan, University of Warwick *

*California State University Long Beach*

*Friday October 28 - Saturday October 29, 2011*

Many of the works and letters of Heinrich von Kleist (1777-1811) reflect 
the troubles of a writer whose personal life was as transitional and 
turbulent as the time in which he lived. From the revolutions in North 
America, France, and Haiti to the Napoleonic occupations, the tumultuous 
social and political landscapes of the late 18^th and the early 19^th 
centuries shaped Kleist's intellectual development and biography. The 
French occupation of the German states and the idea of Prussian 
independence (and Prussian national identity) play a prominent role in 
Kleist's texts, with foreign occupation and usurpation serving as a 
common theme in /Robert Guiskard/ (1803), /Die Marquise von O... /(The 
Marquise of O..., 1807), /Die Hermannsschlacht /(Hermann's Battle, 
1808), /Die Verlobung in St. Domingo /(Betrothal in San Domingo, 1811), 
/Prinz Friedrich von Homburg/ (The Prince of Homburg, 1811), and 
Kleist's political poetry. Kleist, a writer who transcends and often 
defies conventional categorization, was similarly pre-occupied with an 
array of related themes, including the pursuit of happiness, the 
construction of a Lebensplan (life plan), the fall from grace, justice, 
gender roles, Erkenntnistheorie (epistemology); all interwoven with the 
overarching conference themes of obsession and occupation. The 
conferencewill explore the author's works, letters, and life -- 
addressing the theme of the writer's occupation and Kleist's 
preoccupations as Frenchoccupation looms, becomes reality, and as the 
war of independence incubates --as well as the relevance and resonance 
of Kleistian (pre-)occupations 200 years after his suicide.

Paper submissions (in English or German) may address Kleist and the 
following topics but are not limited to:

-Occupation and Usurpation

-The Writer's Occupation

-The Role of the Writer in a War of Independence

-Literature and Politics/Constitutionalism

-Napoleon Bonaparte

-The Pursuit of Happiness

-The Construction of a Lebensplan (Life Plan)

-The Fall from Grace

-Violence and Revenge

-Erkenntnistheorie (Epistemology)

-"Eine Bessere Welt" and Suicide

-Religion and Politics

-Gender Roles



-(The Representation of) War and/or Violent Revolution



-Allmähliche Verfertigung der Gedanken (Gradual Progression of Thoughts)

-The Literature of Independence Movements

Please send one-page abstracts and brief biographical statements as Word 
documents to Curtis Maughan <[log in to unmask]> and Lisa Beesley 
<[log in to unmask]> by March 1, 2011.

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