Call for Papers

Displaced Women:
Multilingual Narratives of Migration in Europe

Organised by Dr. Lucia Aiello, Dr. Joy Charnley, Dr. Mariangela Palladino

29 March 2012
Glasgow Women’s Library
5 Berkeley Street, Glasgow, G3 7BW
t: 0141 248 9969 e: [log in to unmask]

This interdisciplinary conference will provide a forum for discussion of
the issues facing women who have moved from one culture to another and have
as a result adopted in their daily lives and for their creative work a
language other than their ‘mother tongue’. We will look at the creative,
linguistic, economic and psychological effects of this displacement. The
critical examination of women’s narratives in Europe (fiction, poetry,
diaries, memoirs, pamphlets), from a literary perspective will be
complemented by sessions looking at these issues from a historical,
political and sociological perspective. The broad nature of this conference
provides an excellent opportunity for exchange between researchers in
different disciplines who do not always have the chance to come together
(literature, cultural studies, social sciences, history etc). In addition,
the chosen venue is doubly significant with regards to both women and
migration: Glasgow, city of emigration and immigration and the Glasgow
Women’s Library, focus in Scotland for much important work on feminism, and
women’s history and creativity.

Themes to be covered include the following:

Migrant women: narratives and experiences, multilingual narratives of
containment and human resistance; articulating the ‘state of exception’ in
a ‘foreign’ tongue; narratives of ‘Eco-Diaspora’ and spaces of
environmental crisis;

Multilingual literature, Translation issues in multilingual works,
translating cultures;
Linguistic ownership; Language and the country of sanctuary; seeking
refuge in an-‘other’ language; Translating practices in legal narratives;
human dispersal and the linguistic experience;

Migration; nationality and citizenship; migration policy: past, present
and future; speaking from ‘humanitarian corridors’; encampment, removal,
deportation, detention; human waste and landscapes of waste: a female

Abstracts in English of no more than 300 words should be sent by 29 APRIL
2011 to Lucia Aiello ([log in to unmask]), Joy Charnley
([log in to unmask]) and Mariangela Palladino
([log in to unmask]). Papers should be 20 minutes in length and
accessible to a multidisciplinary audience. Proposals for thematic
workshops are also welcome. The publication of a selection of papers
following the conference is planned.

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