Zweck. Freiheit

Call for papers for a session at the GSA (Louisville, KY, Sept.  
22-25, 2011)

This panel seeks to explore the relation between Zweck and Freiheit.  
Topics may
include, but are not limited to questions like: How can the term  
be understood and does it relate to a philosophical terminology
(Zweckmäßigkeit, Freiheit, Spiel or Durée etc.)? To what degree might
"disinterestedness" have a history that needs to be critically  
What kind of strategies are used in philosophy, literature or art to  
"disinterest" and what are the operations to define it? The panel  
also aims to
discuss whether there is a Zweck of Zweckfreiheit either because it  
serves an
ideological formation or is deeply rooted in theories of (aesthetic)  
self-organization or emergence.

Please send short abstracts of no more than 250 words and a brief CV to
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