The Eighteenth Century German Novel: Theory and Practice

German Studies Association Conference
September 22-25, 2011
Louisville, Kentucky

What are new directions in research on the eighteenth-century German novel? How do recent upsurges in interdisciplinary narrative theory (postclassical narratology) and in new approaches to eighteenth-century cultural production (via post-colonial theory, media theory, theories of affect and embodiment, history of science, etc) position us anew to re-read the novels of this period? And how relevant are theories of the novel flourishing at that time for us today? 
This panel addresses these and other questions in an effort to take stock of twenty-first century approaches to the eighteenth-century German novel. Papers might explore overlooked works, test out new approaches on classic texts, or follow the links between the theories of the period and current theoretical inquiries into narrative. 

Please send 250 abstracts to Samuel Frederick ([log in to unmask]) by February 4 for consideration.

Samuel Frederick
Assistant Professor of German
Department of Languages
Clemson University
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