An international conference in Cardiff
13-14 September 2011

organised by
Dr Márta Minier (University of Glamorgan) and Dr Ruth J. Owen (Cardiff University)
Venue: ATRiuM, University of Glamorgan, Cardiff, UK

Shakespeare’s HAMLET and its innumerable rewrites and intertextual traces have been shaping literary and cultural production for centuries. This multidisciplinary conference will bring together scholars of literature from Modern Languages, English, Drama, Translation Studies and Creative Writing to reflect on the rewrites and traces in poetry. It will focus on the interrelationships between HAMLET and poetry in terms of influence, allusion, intertextuality and transposition. Whilst HAMLET has made possible some great modern poems, the ramifications of Shakespeare’s play for poetry and poetics have been considerably less charted than the narrative and dramatic rewrites. This conference seeks to redress the balance by examining how, and to what ends, poetry has recourse to HAMLET, its fragments and its translations.
We invite twenty-minute papers in English on HAMLET-related poems in any language. We welcome papers on a particular poem, poetic genre, style, trend, national poetry, or authorial oeuvre; and on the role of translation. Selected papers will be published in a guest-edited issue of the peer-reviewed journal “New Readings” before the end of 2013.

Confirmed keynote speaker:
Prof Neil Corcoran (University of Liverpool), author of “Shakespeare and the Modern Poet”
Keynote entitled:
A Politics of Translation: Robert Lowell/Boris Pasternak; Czeslaw Milosz/Zbigniew Herbert; William Shakespeare/Ciaran Carson

Other speakers include:
Maria Elisa Montironi - The “introspective sponger”: Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Brecht’s poetry
Elise Brault-Dreux - How not to be, in a selection of D.H. Lawrence’s poems
Katarzyna Burzyñska - Polish Hamlet: An analysis of Zbigniew Herbert’s poem “The Elegy of Fortinbras”
Hatice Bay - “The Poems of Dr Zhivago” as Hamletian Epic Poems
Arianna Marmo - Renée Vivien’s “perverse Ophélie”
Rocío G. Sumillera - The influence of Shakespeare’s Hamlet on twentieth-century Spanish poetry
Cristina Paravano - An Italian Hamlet: The Case of Alda Merini

There are still some places for speakers at this conference. Please email your proposed title and 250-word abstract as an attachment in Word to both [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> and [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> with the subject-line “Hamlet and Poetry”. Extended deadline for abstracts: 1 March 2011

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