VI. International Conference of Critical Geography
General theme: “Crises – Causes, Dimensions, Reactions”
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 16-20 August 2011

Holocaust spatialities: new understandings in the geography of the Final Solution.

Despite the recent interest on Giorgio Agamben’s account of biopolitics and on Carl Schmitt’s political theory in Anglo-American geography, little attention has been paid to the specific spatialities of the Holocaust and their relationship with the broader spatial imagination of the Third Reich. While Agamben’s contribution to Holocaust studies is highly controversial, geography and spatiality may play an important role in shaping our understanding of the Holocaust, addressing new perspectives on both the origin and the implementation of the Final Solution.

Contributions from a wide range of disciplinary knowledge and specializations (geography, history, anthropology, philosophy, sociology etc.) are welcome on the following suggested topics:

-       Camps’ topographies and topologies
-       Spatial planning in the Third Reich and the implementation of the Final Solution
-       Ghetto and Judenrat: the urban dimension of the Holocaust
-       Colonisation of the East, massacres and genocide
-       Spatial trajectories of Jewish resistance: hiding and fighting between the forest and the city
-       Extermination Mobilities: from deportation to Death Marches
-       Nature, biopolitics and anti-Semitism
-       German Geopolitik and genocidal biopolitics
-       Anti-Semitic representations and cartographies

The session will be organized within Theme 6 Geopolitics, Biopolitics, and the Critical Spaces of the Political, coordinated by Claudio Minca (Wageningen) and Christian Abrahamsson (Wageningen) (

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