I saw the rough-legged hawk again this afternoon at Columbia Bottom CA.. got some "rough" pics .  Dipped on the snow buntings at Riverlands.. I saw the flocks of horned larks.. and considered myself sorting through them.. but did not go down Red School Road.  Had nice selection of raptors from both Riverlands and Columbia Bottom CA.
   Bald eagles, northern harriers, red-tailed hawks, kestrels, and the rough-legged hawk.. Did see a dark accipiter flying near the Confluence at Columbia Bottom.  Saw it twice, but couldn't get a "bead" on it.. It was flying mostly among the trees, but reminded me of the Cooper's Hawk the WGNSS group saw last Saturday.  

 Pictures at jcallen.smugmug.com   gallery:  Christmas outing, 2010

  Jane Allen
  St. Louis County
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