Hello all,

Hope everyone is having a great Holiday season. After getting into town recently I went out today to do some scouting for Thursday's Clarence Cannon CBC. Unfortunately it looks like for the second year in a row most of the open water may be frozen there was still some interesting things around.

Perhaps the most interesting was a credible report of a Barn Owl inside the circle. As a count-week bird it would be a first for the count and hopefully it is seen again Thursday. Another potential count-first was a group of red-breasted merganser's out on the River. Other Interesting birds included at least a dozen cackling geese, several groups of longspur's, red-shouldered hawk, plus a lot of birds hanging around the roadsides. Tomorrow will try to hit a few other areas and kick up some other interesting stuff. CBC season is rarely dull!

Hopefully the weather holds and we have a good count!

Eric Schuette
Broomfield CO/Troy MO
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