Winter mornings sitting snug with a mug watching birds on the other  
side of the window lead to stream of consciousness thinking like this  
line of thought:

The Hermit Thrush is back!  Gee, if we delayed going to Texas by one  
day it could be the first bird of the year...but, I'm ready for  
Texas...Thrushes... genus Turdus, young all have spots that some  
species retain into adulthood...those 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a  
pie were actually thrushes of England, Turdus merula...carried over  
into a Geogria cookbook with a recipe for Robin pie--the American  
one, Turdus migratorius...

Winter...cold...I need extra pushes to get out there...what are  
people seeing?...some fun birding going on...big roosts of birds,  
some on CACHE areas...remember all that whitewash at Bennett Spring?   
Bet they are there now... maybe there will be reports entered to help  
fill in the bird occurrence data...oh, yes, I should note the  
conservation areas and state parks that lack reports of January  

So, here they are, the CACHE and SPARKS target/focus areas most in  
need of trip reports for January.  None of these near you?  Then go  
bird one that is.  Is there a state park or conservation area in your  
CBC area? Please enter your into the database on the ASM website.   
Every entry is an addition that makes a difference in many ways.

Conservation Areas
   Bushwhacker Lake, Vernon Co.
   Perry Memorial, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis Co.
   Saline Valley, Miller Co.
   Sand Prairie, Scott Co.
   Scrivner Road, Cole Co.
   Hunnewell Lake, Shelby Co.

State Parks
   Bennett Spring, Dallas, Laclede Co.
   Big Oak Tree, Mississippi Co.
   Ha Ha Tonka, Camden Co.
   Johnsonís Shut-Ins, Reynolds Co.
   Prairie, Barton Co.
   Weston Bend, Platte Co.

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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