Dear mobirders...
   I've seen the wonderful pictures of a rough-legged hawk seen at Columbia Bottom CA in recent weeks and taken by others (envy). Then I looked at my pics and wondered  .. Is this the same bird as the others..  So I came home from work, with re-editing on my mind to see if I could improve on the images.. 
   I have included the original pictures, plus the re-edits in a new gallery:     rough-legged hawk, study of pics  

 Only one pic (# 1091) shows the lightness of underwings as others' pics. 
 I continue to get views of both sets of rough-legged pics , but decided to re-edit the first set as they were the best (if one could say that about such pics).. 
  I'm fairly new to dealing with distortion and shading in pictures via software.   One can also see just how far away, and backlit this bird was.. 

Jane Allen
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St. Louis County  
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