On our way home from Peoria, IL today, my wife and I noticed huge flocks of Lapland Longspurs and Horned Larks swirling around the open patches on the shoulder on Highway 54 in Pike County, IL (in the Mississippi bottoms just across the state border from Pike Co, MO). Once back home in MO, I decided to head out to the open part of the county west of us later in the day to see if I could produce a longspur flock for my county list.

Lo and behold, along Hwy 154 on the western edge of the county, I found 2 small flocks of birds working the roadsides. Among roughly 40 Horned Larks and 40 Lapland Longspurs were 2 Snow Buntings! It was a lifer for me that I'd been hoping to find for a while. Great looks too.

The Snow Buntings were just west of Rd 32 on Hwy 154 about 3 miles west of Curryville. 

Phil Wire
Bowling Green, Pike Co.
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If I would have had more time, I'd have gone back to IL to check through those flocks. Thousands of birds, and most looked like LALOs!

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